Liberate Your Potential – Explore Liberal Arts College in the US

Liberate Your Potential – Explore Liberal Arts College in the US

liberate your potential – explore liberal arts college in the US

Get the freedom to explore, choose and pursue your ultimate passions! Truly liberal in its approach, a ‘liberal arts program’ dives into a vast array of major and minor subjects that have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. The program aims to impart profound knowledge of the subjects of one’s interests, developing optimal skill sets and attitude. Finally, the programs help to develop a persona of a valuable global citizen.

In the present market, job fitness supersedes job eligibility, and thus a certain attitude and a soft skill set highly complements hard knowledge. Liberal arts programs lay a foundation to develop these soft skills that come in most handy in such a market, and these skills lead to a passionate and stable life.

Breaking away from the conventional mainstream education like BA, B.Com, BSC and other tracks, liberal arts programs give the learner the opportunity and flexibility to choose any major and minor that their true passions lie in. One can couple a core major with multiple minors and thus explore further vocations and interests. The learner also has more avenues available to research their preferred subjects. Liberal arts programs encourage a holistic approach to learning with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities for personal and soft-skills growth available. Interaction and discussion-based teaching is encouraged and implemented, allowing for a better and more effective learning experience. Research opportunities in a preferred field are also offered much more widely and freely at the undergraduate level, encouraging further, independent increases in knowledge. This holistic view towards education allows students to make well-informed and progressive decisions.

The list of careers and further education available after a liberal arts undergraduate education is endless and includes a career in teaching, as a lawyer, in the medical profession, journalist, writer, administrative professional, architect, business owner, etc. This is a wide variety of fields in which to apply the various skills, both academic and otherwise, that a liberal arts program imparts.

It is unfortunate that the liberal arts opportunities offered by India are few and far between, as we have already seen how centrally a liberal arts education can contribute to integral life skills. Due to their scarcity, admission to liberal arts colleges in India is agonizingly difficult. Furthermore, the validity of liberal arts programs is still widely, erroneously, questioned by Indians. However, the western world, particularly the US, lauds liberal arts colleges with the respect they deserve and recognize these programs as a major potential for growth.

Top US liberal arts colleges offer a comprehensive, and holistic education in any and all liberal arts fields, providing students with every opportunity to pursue their dreams while simultaneously becoming the best versions of themselves. A few among many others topping the Forbes liberal arts college ranking list is Williams College, followed by Stanford, Swarthmore, Princeton, and MIT. Ted Turner, best known for being the founder of CNN news, was a classics major at Brown University, and used a liberal arts education to excel.

The dynamic liberal arts college is an ideal place for the Indian student who wishes to explore a world of unconventional education. It is a world for students who will not settle for less than complete success both professionally and personally. It is a place for the person who wishes to broaden their horizons educationally, culturally, socially and personally. It is a place for those who wish to explore.

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