Why choose ERUDION Education?

The US undergraduate admissions process is extensive, comprehensive and demands a holistic approach. It is not just a process of submitting various documents such as academic scores, standardized test scores, activity sheet, personal and supplement essays, letters of recommendation, counselor forms, etc but also involves strict adherence to deadlines. Every year lacs of students across the globe apply to the top US universities but only a few make it as the key lies in how strongly and effectively an application is put forth. This is where an expert intervention becomes extremely important to study in USA. Also, as per the surveys conducted by the eminent international agencies (including the National Research Center for College and University Admissions), most successful applications have been processed professionally under the expert guidance of  the overseas education consultants.


Erudion Education Private Limited has been established with a vision to provide personalized and premium counseling services to applicants who wish to pursue world class Undergraduate Studies in US. Our overseas education consultants in Delhi have diverse exposure and years of experience in education and overseas admissions. Our methodical and collaborative approach strives to maximize your potential to place you in your best fit University. Do visit the respective pages, to understand our complete range of services and exhaustive process to study in USA.