Fields of Study

Overview of Undergraduate Programs in US

The journey to studying in USA, after high school, starts with the selection of or an inclination towards your preferred or focused academic choices. A good way to start is to go through a broad spectrum of various fields of study available for the undergraduate programs in US and explore each to understand your areas of interest along with their most popular majors:


  • Applied Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences etc.
  • Urban Architecture
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Design
  • Industrial Design etc.
Business & Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain etc.
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering etc.

Fine Arts
  • Dance & Theater
  • Painting & Sculpture
  • Film & Photography etc.
Health & Medicine
  • Health Sciences
  • Pre-Med
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Pharmacy etc.
Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Sports Management
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management etc.
  • Corporate Law
  • International Law
  • Health Care Law etc.

Social Sciences & Humanities
  • English
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • International Relations etc.
Media & Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Digital Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Mass Communication etc.

Although it is not mandatory to pick majors at the time of applications and one can even apply undecided, but it is always recommended to select a major and build a profile around it. By doing so, you exhibit your passion and inclination towards the chosen field of study. This eventually gives an added advantage to students and an edge over other applicants to stand out in the overall application screening and US admission process.