With over 4000 institutions and a wide array of undergraduate courses to pick from, exhaustive applications and tough competition at an international level, process of undergraduate admission in US often feels like a daunting task for applicants.


RELAX and do not get overwhelmed! Take a deep breath and let us work with you through this exciting journey of fulfilling your dream to study in the US.

Erudion’s comprehensive process follows a methodical approach, and is based on the philosophy of Enable, Evolve and Excel that comprises of 7 crucial steps to apply to US universities :

It is an essential stage that helps us understand you and your aspirations. It also leaves you more empowered and focused to make necessary, critical decisions at the start of the process.

1) Mirror Exercise
  • We work with very sincere and motivated students, and are thus highly selective of who we choose to mentor. Mirror Exercise is one of the most important steps to study in USA that involve your initial assessment done by Erudion mentors and counselors, which then helps everyone make an informed decision of working in collaboration with each other.
  • The exhaustive exercise helps us explore various dimensions of your personality, interests, and preferences. It also helps you come face-to-face with the reality on where you academically stand and what are the gaps that need to be filled in to get the best possible higher education in US.
  • An extremely personalized and professional analysis is shared with you that outlines our understanding of your personality and areas of interests, areas of improvement and our recommendations.
2) Goal Sheet
  • Once you enroll with us, a comprehensive assessment and interpretation of your overall personality type, academic & financial preferences, career goals and best fit fields of study is done and a detailed report is generated.
  • This is done using a combination of internationally accepted & widely /successfully used assessment tools & by certified assessment analyst having more than 13 years of global exposure of working with youngsters & helping them find the right career path.
  • A constantly evolving, and extremely exclusive Goal Sheet is then created which serves as the roadmap for each applicant.

This is stage that not only makes you aware of all that is necessary to build a strong profile but also enhances your overall experience, thus drastically improving your chances of getting into top US Universities.

3) Short-Listing
  • Compare your academic and non academic preferences against what universities are seeking, so you can shortlist your dream, reach and safe US universities.
  • Help you navigate the flood of courses offered in the US that can otherwise overwhelm you. In accordance with your interests and career goals, we help you settle on the best field of study for you.
4) Prolific Development
  • You’re in the driver’s seat! As you develop and access your best self throughout and beyond the application process, we offer ample encouragement and support to build an impressive profile. This is an important step which breaks the myth and encourages applicants to not become Jack of all but become The Master of what is required.
  • Give opportunities to interact with relevant industry experts, conduct self research, engage in industry visits, render in community service, take online course exposure, and others.
  • Through research and introspection, we provide opportunities for you to develop critical thinking and sharper decision making skills that are demanded by the western education system.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and self-reliance in each student, which helps you stand out as a promising candidate to the US admissions boards.

This is the final stage where we strive to excel in your overall application composition so that it outshines others’ in the midst of hundreds of prospective applications.

5) US Application Process
  • An end-to-end assistance and guidance is provided to create the most meaningful and impressive applications.
  • Guide you in putting your best foot forward as you compile your Common App Essays, Letters of Recommendation, etc.
6) Creative Composition
  • If college applications were a video game, the essay would be the boss level. To successfully win the game, we help you construct application essays that brilliantly strike out. We work with you to develop your creative writing skills and become talented storytellers. It isn’t just what you say; it’s also how you say it.
  • Assistance is also provided in composing impactful scholarship essays, if applicable.
7) Final Selection
  • Not one, but many colleges have chosen you!! Help us work with you in selecting the one, best fit University for you.